Divine Piano

The last three piano sonatas by Beethoven (109, 110, 111) are simply amazing, the last one particularly. Krystian Zimerman is a fabulous pianist, who rarely records and rarely plays in public. But when he does it, it’s always remarkable. Put the two together in one of the most beautiful concert halls in Paris, La Salle Pleyel, and you have an unforgettable evening. And when Krystian Zimerman plays the last piano sonata of Beethoven, and particularly the second movement, you are in contact with heaven, if heaven exists. This piece of piano comes from somewhere else. What can you compose for the piano after that? And what can you play as an encore after that? Only silence can conclude such a beautiful piece and such a beautiful interpretation.

Musical Theatre Recital: 1st representation

Yesterday, we gave the first representation of a part of our recital in front of an audience of family members and friends. It went very well. We had some very positive feedback. We gave a dozen songs from several musicals (The Scarlet Pimperbel, Miss Saigon, Jeckyll and Hyde, The Fantasticks, …) and some songs by Stephen Sondheim of course! The first public representation will be in Angers on June 24th.