Ivan has been practicing artistic and research activities for many years. His research activities allow him to deepen his artistic practice and go further in the mastery of his art. And his artistic practice allows him to ask the right questions for his research, those that will allow him to grow as an artist, but also as a person. With this approach, articulating art and research, he has been recognized as an expert in several domains, and regularly offers coaching sessions, either individually or in groups, workshopslectures, masterclassesclasses at schools and universities, and publishes books and articles.

Here is a list of themes on which Ivan has been recognized as an expert and is often sought for, particularly in France, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Thailand:

– yoga / meditation / contemplative practices / spirituality
– the link between art and spirituality
– creativity / the creative process / innovation / developing the imagination
– acting / the method of the Actors Studio
– stage directing / filmmaking
– directing actors, artistic teams, research teams and projects / leadership
– photography / cinematography / stage light design / color grading / visual aesthetics
– writing / playwriting / screenwriting / storytelling / storytelling for film / storytelling for stage / film editing / script doctoring

Don’t hesitate to contact Ivan via the contact form if you are interested by his various prestations. Looking forward to reading you!