Recent Stage Directions

2017 Choices by various playwrights
2013 First Love by Samuel Beckett
2011 Magical and Ecological Fairy Tales by Éliane Arnoldy
2010 The Lesson by Eugène Ionesco
2010 From Chaos to Creation, experimental theater
2009 The Choice of Hercules by
Hippolyte Wouters
2007 Cuba Si! by Terrence MacNally
2006 An Honest Arrangement by David Wiener
2006 Hill by Amy Schultz
2006 Hospice by Pearl Cleage
2005 Exile Here by Paul DeSena

Recent Film Directions

2015 Roomies (Colocs) co-directed with Florian Mazier
2013 King Cake (La Galette des Rois): 4 selections
2013 Party Time! (C’est la fête !): 2 selections